About the series: 

Based on the era-defining novels by John Marsden, Tomorrow, When the War Began – the Series, tells the story of a group of teenage friends who, upon their return from a remote camping trip find themselves thrust into the middle of a war no one saw coming.

Completely unprepared and cut off from everything they knew before, they must confront the frightening reality that they are now among the few remaining free Australians left to stand up to the invading army, and the only ones who can possibly save themselves and their imprisoned families.

But how do you keep fighting when all you have has been taken from you?

Tomorrow, When the War Began – A powerful TV drama, driven by real characters facing seemingly insurmountable odds and discovering that in order to save the things they hold most precious they must be prepared to sacrifice everything.

About John Marsden:

John Marsden was born in Melbourne, Australia, the third of four children, in 1950. His first dim memories, however, are of the small Victorian country town of Kyneton to which his parents moved when John was two. In those days the iceman still delivered to families without refrigerators, cooking was done on a fuel stove, and no-one had television. John began school there and perhaps it was there that he acquired his liking for country living, a liking which has never left him.

In 1956 the family moved to Devonport on the green north coast of Tasmania. For four years John attended Devonport Primary School, where his interest in reading and writing first became marked. He developed into a prodigious reader, exhausting both the school library and the town library. An inspiring teacher in Grade 4 motivated John and a friend to produce a class newspaper, which gave him an early taste for publication. His first stories were imitations of his favourite authors, W E Johns, Enid Blyton, Agatha Christie, but another early role-model was the outstanding Tasmanian writer, Nan Chauncy, three-time winner of the Children’s Book Of the Year Award.