The sleepy seaside town of Barwon Heads was rocked by explosions this week. The bridge across the Barwon River – made famous by SeaChange in the late '90s, condemned in 2006, and rebuilt in 2010 – was hit by a gang of teenagers early on Tuesday. Vandals? No. Resistance fighters, pushing back against an invading army. It was Tomorrow When the War Began. Again....


Molly Daniels casted as Ellie

Actress Molly Daniels (You’re Skitting Me, The Librarians) will be taking on the role of Ellie, the books main protagonist.

Jon Prasida casted as Lee

Jon Prasida (Hiding) will be playing Lee who's the most mysterious of the group as he's shy and quiet.

Narek Arman will be playing Homer

Narek Arman (Packed to the Rafters, Dance Academy) has been casted in the role of Homer, Ellie's neighbor and friend. Homer is a goofball and a trouble-maker.

Madeleine Madden casted as Corrie

Madeleine Madden (The Code, Redfern Now) will be playing Corrie, Ellie's best friend.

Fantine Banulski casted as Roybn

Fantine Banulski (You’re Skitting Me, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries) as Robyn who's the most noble and acts as the group's moral compass.

Keith Purcell casted as Chris

Keith Purcell (Neighbours) will be playing Chris who doesn't initially start out in the group but ends up joining them.

Madeleine Clunies-Ross casted as Fi

Madeleine Clunies-Ross, a new comer, will be taking on the role of Fi, one of Ellie's friends who lives in town.

Andrew Creer casted as Kevin

And rounding off the group is another new comer, Andrew Creer will be playing the role of Kevin. He's Corrie's boyfriend and the most rural of the lot.



Brendan Maher will be directing the series. Below is a quote from Maher about the source material.

“Given the right circumstances everyone can be a hero. Our characters are faced with heart thumping jeopardy and spirit breaking dilemmas. How will they react? John Marsden has given us a truthful, enriching template on how to be the best we can.”

The series is expected to air on ABC3 in Australia in early 2016. No word yet when or where it'll be released internationally. For behind the scenes pictures and videos make sure you check out the facebook page for the TV series.


Overall I'm pleased with this casting. I've never seen any of them act before but just from looking at pictures of them I can see some of the characters essence in them. As someone who loves the film version and thought they had the perfect casting I do admit it might be tough for me to compare them but I'm going to try to separate the film from the show. I think this lot can bring the characters to life and more than anything that's what I want. I want to see these characters lives played out because I find the story to be so intriguing.