Meet the new cast of Tomorrow When The War Began!

With most book to movie/tv series adaptations you only get one shot, but as the case with "Shadowhunters" (The Mortal Instruments second shot at an adaption soon to air in 2016) the "Tomorrow" series by John Marsden is getting another shot at sharing it's story on screen.

"Tomorrow When The War Began", a young adult invasion novel in which Australia gets invaded by a foreign power, was first brought to the big screen in 2010. The movie failed to find an overseas audience so plans were eventually scrapped for sequels, not for a lack of trying. Over the next couple of years there would be quite a bit of stop and go news.

After a long period of no word on a sequel it was announced in late April/early May of this year that the "Tomorrow" series was in the works to be made into a television series. Ambience Entertainment teamed up with ABC to produce a 6 episode 1 hour television series of the books. A casting announcement went up in May stating that they were looking for 7 teenagers to play the leads and would be filming from August through October of this year. On September 1st,FilmInk posted an article announcing the cast.